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Recruitment for Information Technology Industry

A highly growing industry which includes services such as consulting, data processing, technology outsourcing, and systems integration services to business customers. They help clients use computers, software, and communications systems more efficiently.

In addition to providing advice on using computer systems, IT companies frequently recommend hardware and software systems their customers .This industry has lots of money and it has round the clock job. It attracts that person who doesn't like to bound on time.

Recruitment for Construction Industry

The construction industry is going through a boom phase after a long break. We have also been awarded with various projects of higher magnitude and minimum time frame. This all translated a tremendous requirement of trained manpower as our internal manpower resources were short of meeting the target requirements.

We have placed various advertisements in the local, national news-papers apart from various jobs web-sites. We were flooded with plethora of candidates but we still find it difficult to track the right one.

We have been in this industry for a long time and have interacted with various leading personalities of our field regarding this issue. Incidentally we realized that we were all traveling in the same boat. We have also interacted with various candidates regarding their job requirements and many were not satisfied with the current positions. We felt there should be a platform were the demands of the companies and candidate meet and the best way to go about it is to start the web-portal .

Some of the popular positions for which we actively source the candidates are :
  1. Gm - Construction (Highways)
  2. Agm - Structure Design (Bridge)
  3. Agm - Construction (Highways)
  4. Manager- Knowledge Management (Km)
  5. Strategy Manager (Highways)
  6. Planning Manager (Highways)
  7. Environmental Engineer (Highways)
  8. Quality Control Engineer

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